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This page will be devoted to news, updates, and views for SECJSA referees. We hope to bring you the latest information, events schedules, and ideas that can help you improve your performance during the matches you officiate and make refereeing more enjoyable - as it was meant to be.

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The District Referee Administrator (DRA)
CJSA Definitions of Referee Assault & Abuse

District Referee Administrator
Each district in the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association has a District Referee Administrator (DRA) whose volunteer duties include (to mention a few) assigning referees to officiate in district-level competitions (e.g., cups, premier leagues, select), arranging referee certification/recertification clinics, and maintaining communications with the State Referee Administrator, District Vice-Presidents, coaches, and the registered referees in his respective district. The current DRA for SECJSA is Erick Holmes email They are the main point of contact for ensuring that our district matches are assigned the necessary officials as the matches are scheduled. Erick is assisted (and assists) from time to time by other referee assignors, such as club referee coordinators.

CJSA Definitions of Referee Assault

"Whenever it is alleged that any player, coach, manager, club official, or game official has assaulted a referee or official assistant referee, which assault shall amount to physical violence, the State Disciplinary Board shall have original and sole jurisdiction to adjudicate the matter".

a. Referee Assault. Referee assault is an intentional act of physical violence at or upon a referee.

b. Physical Violence/Personal Attack. Assault includes, but is not limited to the following acts committed upon a referee: hitting, kicking, punching, choking, spitting at or on, grabbing or bodily running into a referee; the act of kicking or throwing any object at a referee that could inflict injury; damaging the referee's uniform or personal property, e.g., car, equipment, etc.

CJSA Definitions of Referee Abuse

a. Referee Abuse. Referee abuse is a verbal statement or physical act which implies or threatens physical harm to a referee or the referee's property or equipment.

b. Foul Language/Verbal Threats. Abuse includes, but is not limited to the following acts committed upon a referee: using foul or abusive language toward a referee; spewing any beverage on a referee's personal property; or verbally threatening a referee.

c. Verbal Threats. Verbal threats are remarks that carry the implied or direct threat of physical harm. Such remarks as "I'll get you after the game" or "You won't get out of here in one piece," shall be deemed referee abuse.

If you find yourself the victim of one of the above, take it seriously. Write it up, get witnesses names and addresses, and report it within 24 hours to your DRA or District Vice President if the DRA is unavailable. Let's all help put a stop to bad behavior in Youth Soccer.

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